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Technology solutions specifically for call center operations including Local Caller ID. Our Outbound Telemarketing Technology Solutions and suite of BrandGuard products increases answer rates and provides a professional brand experience for customers.
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The Compliance Phone: Prevent TCPA Class Action Lawsuits

If you place telemarketing calls to wireless phone numbers (and VoIP numbers), be aware that you must place the calls using a non-Automated Telephone Dialing System (non-ATDS) or device. The Federal Communications Commission’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) declaratory ruling issued in July 2015 provided clear guidance on what is an Automated Telephone Dialing System (ATDS) and what is not. Most telemarketing dialers, most office phone systems and most click to dial solutions embedded in a CRM are currently defined as an ATDS because even if the system doesn’t dial phone numbers automatically, these systems are viewed by the FCC has having the theoretical capacity for automated dialing.

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